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Four reasons Why WordPress is good for you?

Why WordPress is the best content management system for a website?

The main points you need to know about WordPress, why WordPress is the suitable CMS for you, summarized and concisely for you. And now let’s go. 

1. WordPress is straightforward.

The first reason WordPress is the most suitable CMS. WordPress is the most accepted CMS in the market. With a market share of around 65%, WordPress is the market leader in this field. And above all for one reason: is it good? Yes, exactly. But more importantly, it’s easy.

And that is the most decisive of all the advantages of WordPress: Anyone can use this CMS. No coding knowledge is required. Without laboriously acquiring HTML, PHP or Javascript, you can use WordPress to create your own website and publish content.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, WordPress can be operated by anyone who also knows MS Office or similar programs after brief instruction.

Several users in parallel can use WordPress. Besides the admin, other users can use different user roles who can work on your website parallelly. Work with your team for creating content or fine-tuning the design. The different user roles allow you to define other competencies within WordPress. 

It is free: WordPress is an open-source system, and therefore its use is free of charge. 

2. The CMS WordPress is flexible and looks good.

Would you like a second argument why WordPress is the suitable CMS for you? No matter how big your business is or how large and complex your website should be. What industry you come from or whether you only want to publish a blog: WordPress makes it possible for you to create a suitable website.

You can easily customize the look of your website with ready-made themes or create your own with coding work. When it comes to editing your website, WordPress offers you a multitude of options. 44,000 different extensions and plugins with a wide variety of functions are available here to design your website individually.

With plugins, you can add additional functionalities without having to do any programming.

In addition to the plugins, you can design your website with unique themes in the corporate design of your project, company, or blog. In addition, your WordPress website is responsive. This means that the content is optimized for mobile devices (mobiles, tablets, etc.). Even the WordPress backend is responsive. 

Please always make sure that you only use the necessary plugins so that your site is not unnecessarily bloated. When choosing your theme, you should also use a “light” theme; it will help load the website faster.

Even better: you program your unique theme and/or let us program it, so you don’t have to carry all the stress with you.


3. Google love the WordPress CMS.

With WordPress, the inner values ​​are also impressive. Developed initially as software for blogs, it was necessary for the creators of WordPress from the start to optimally adapt the websites to the needs of Google.

This is still being optimized today. WordPress is well suited to adapting websites to the algorithms of the search engines of Google and ensures you a more solid ranking than other CMSs.

With additional plugins ranking on Google can be further improved.

Anyone who is familiar with programming here and knows how to use the possibilities of WordPress has a decisive advantage. Through light web design and effective coding can improve SEO performance.

The loading time of your website is an essential indicator for search engines. You can combine the good preparatory work of WordPress with a unique web design to significantly improve the ranking on Google.

4. WordPress can do e-commerce.

E-commerce with WordPress? How is that possible? We like to bring light into the dark. With the plugin WooCommerce, you can expand the CMS with a shop function so that WordPress becomes a full-fledged shop system.

You also have the option of using functions such as vouchers or discount campaigns. Various payment providers such as Paypal or Klarna can be integrated so that customers can shop online as usual.

In addition, you can connect a merchandise management system to WooCommerce to synchronize the data from the shop and always be up to date.

Therefore, WooCommerce is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized shops that want to start up without much effort to test and start their e-commerce business.

As you can see, on this basis, you have a good entry point to turn your website into a shop.

Our conclusion on “Why WordPress”?

It is no coincidence that the open-source system is the clear market leader in the CMS market. Not only it is free, and it also comes with comparatively low basic costs in practice.

It is free to download. You only pay a monthly fee to your hosting provider of choice so that the site can be hosted there. There are additional costs for various plugins or themes.

There are plenty of free and paid plugins and themes – it all depends on what you want.

With an interface that is easy to use even for beginners, the CMS is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The web design can be easily transferred to the system and adapted.

Also, you can quickly expand your WordPress site and further optimize your code through individual work on your web design. WordPress gives you many tools to be active and creative yourself and optimize your web design with plugins and themes.

There are no limits. The CMS system can map everything from the blog to the company website and has decisive advantages over the competition. So why WordPress is a helpful solution is becoming increasingly apparent.

How can we help you?

Do you have a WordPress website and would like our support, or you would like us to do the WordPress programming realize for you? You’re welcome! As a WordPress agency, we specialize in programming hand-coded WordPress websites without unnecessary plugins and heavy themes.

The focus is on ease of use and performance. We can also help you with our knowledge in SEO to catapult your website forward on Google with good web design and good loading time.

We work with WordPress every day; we can offer you the right solution for your project. Just contact us with your project details to get a free quote. 

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