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When you are ordering our service, we presume that you already have purchased the WordPress Theme. We work with all the popular premium themes you can buy in the market. It can be Divi, Elementor or Purchased from Themeforest. You have to purchase and provide your Theme.

Yes, your domain and your website are yours!

The beauty of WordPress is the plugin repository and the third party plugin marketplaces. We have several premium plugins for all necessary tasks but are happy to consider additional options for unique needs. If the plugin is not well made, we will suggest you use an alternative. However, if you want to use your chosen plugin, we will install it, but we are not responsible for unwanted circumstances.

No, we don't. The email itself is a separate service; most often, this will be available with your hosting plan. But if you want to have a dedicated email service, you might consider Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange.

A modification or repositioning is any task that we can complete in less than 30 minutes.

Some tasks we can complete are:

  • Putting a blog post online
  • Changing font or colour
  • Adding a new employee
  • Editing your "About Us" page
  • Add a product

There are things we can't do:

  • Write a blog post
  • Redesign your site
  • Enter personalised code
  • Extend the functionality of the plugin
  • Graphic design

No, we do not provide service for other CMSs. WordPress is our livelihood. We are focused and experienced in WordPress.

No, we do not provide CDN. But if you have a CDN subscription, we can configure it for you.

If you are not satisfied, you have a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee; let us know within 15 calendar days of order, or if you want to cancel the order, please let us know before your 24 hours start. We will give you a full refund.